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The SpinDrifters are Felicity Urquhart, George Washingmachine, Stuie French, Michel Rose, Clare O’Meara, Andrew Richardson, Bradley Bergen, Garry Steel, Bill Risby & James Gillard


This 'best of the best' 10 piece outfit dives right into their love of Western Swing, Pure Country, Jazz and Blues on stage with the SpinDrifters. In every jam-packed  SpinDrifters show you'll hear beautiful songs, played and sung with an abundance of passion.  


Some of the finest players and singers in the land, you will have heard them on thousands of Australian Country, Jazz, Blues and Rock records over the last 30 years.

Expect lightning fast twin fiddles, Tex Mex, Louisiana blues, pedal steel, sweet

soul-stirring vocals, classic Pure Country & plenty of mayhem.


Fiddle, vocals

George has been involved in the entertainment industry since last century. He has worked in television, theatre & film. He finds the greatest pleasure in  travelling around Australia and various parts of the world playing music and making art. Also known for his band Feel the Manouche (where he plays with Clare), George brings his trademark humour, vibe and cheeky wit to every SpinDrifters gig.

He has a huge following in the gypsy jazz community in Europe, has played Gypsy Jazz with Ian Date and regularly tours Jazz and Blues festivals throughout America, Europe and Central America.

Originally from Canberra, George has played in orchestras, ensembles, trios and every other description of band.

He first worked on the Twang Dynasty CD with Felicity in 2001 at the recommendation of Stuie French. Stuie had just produced a critically acclaimed album for Felicity with Michel Rose called New Shadow.

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Fiddle, Vocals

A child of a world concert pianist, Clare grew up with a fiddle in her hand from the time she was 3 years old.

Widely regarded as a truly extraordinary jazz musician and pianist, she is a 'first call' musician for many of Australia's greatest musical names, whether they are headed into the studio or out on the road. Aussie icon John Williamson, Becky Cole and many others are fans of Clare's talent and work with her often. 

A leading member of the Bushwhackers, she is a Golden Guitar winner.

Clare and George Washingmachine wow audiences all over the world in Feel the Manouche and they just returned form a whirlwind tour of Jazz festivals in Cuba.

Clare also has extensive and TV soundtrack experience. A true renaissance woman, she's also a second dan blackbelt in Tae Kwon Do.. and if she didnt go down the path of music, Clare was set to star as a rising tennis talent!




Child prodigy pianist and one of Australia's top jazz and session players.




Australian country music singer-songwriter Felicity is also  a TV and radio presenter.

Her single "Big Black Cloud", co-written with Randy Scruggs, reached No. 1 on Country Tracks National Top 30 Singles Chart in 2007. She has won numerous awards including a Centenary Medal in 2001 "For service to Australian society through country music". Urquhart married musician and producer Glen Hannah in March 2009. She has been the host of country music show Saturday Night Country on Australian Broadcasting Corporation Local Radio since March 2010.

Not only super talented, Felicity is loved and admired by everyone who has played and worked with her. Her spectacular voice is matched by the contageous stage presence and warmth she brings to every SpinDrifters show.

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Guitar, Vocals

Andrew started playing in bands at age twelve. The love affair had well and truly begun and he's been mad for music ever since.

Having built his first bass guitar in woodwork age 13, Andrew ran away from boarding school at 16 to be a bass player in nightclubs. Which didn’t pay, so back to school he went.

He played gigs while at university with Don Walker (who went on to be in Cold Chisel).

He built the famous Paradise studios in Woolloomooloo and played with Billy Field in the 80s.. and then Graeme Connors and the Stetsons in the 90s.

A graduate of the prestigious Musicians Insitute in Hollywood, Andrew has played and produced music from London, to Nashville and LA



Pedal steel

Born in Mauritious, Michel has lived and made music in Australia since childhood

Considered one the true masters of the stringed instruments – mandolin, pedal steel, dobro and jazz guitar, Michel is a first-call musician for any country album heading into the studio.

Along with his musical brother Stuie French, they are two of the most loved and recorded guitar and pedal steel players in the country. ‘They are bookends of the Australian Country music industry’ in the words of SpinDrifters founding member Andrew Richardson.

He's played with Alex LLoyd, Silverchair, Troy Cassar Daley and many more.

When he’s not making beautiful music for other artists, Michel plays in the Feral Swing Katz (with Stuie).. among his many other musical projects

* Mike Vidale and Clare have also played with the Katz over the years.



Guitar, Vocals

Tasmanian guitar wiz Stuie French is a master of the country/jazz guitar-style (Les Paul invited him up to play in New York), and his smooth voice harks back to the days of Tommy Duncan singing with Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys – no pretense or exaggeration.  

In Nashville a few years back, he and his country songbird partner in life and music, Camille Te Nahu, were invited to play with the legendary TimeJumpers.  At the end of the performance, Vince Gill announced ‘you should join the band.'

One of the most respected guitarists in the country

Stuie and Michel Rose have been playing together for over 20 years in the Feral Swing Katz and recorded thousands of tracks for top Autralian country artists, and, in his words.. they ‘are like brothers.’

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Piano, Accordian

Originally from Kalgoorlie, Gary Steel has been a well-loved and highly respected bone fide music savant since anyone can remember.

Gary's years in Tamworth cemented him as the 'go to' recording pianist, keyboard accordion player in the country music capital of Australia.

Gary also rocked Sydney's socks off as the resident pianist at famous Sydney nighclubs for a decade.. while squeezing in countless recordings in between sets.

He’s appeared on hundreds of tracks for the who’s who of Country.. including Fiddlers Feast with Marcus Holden.

In short, he's the man.




Guitarist/Singer and wonderful drummer from The Feral Swing Katz.

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