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Meet The SpinDrifters is an intimate and energetic, behind the scenes introduction to this beloved nine piece Australian Western Swing band.

With interviews given over several of their monthly shows at Sydney's iconic Basement, this 20 minute short film introduces you to each of the members of the band, give us a peak at how they all know eachother (from bands, lots of dfferent bands), and what they love about playing with this particular ensemble of characters characters... finally!


Heart to Heart (live) August 24, 2016

Australian Western Swing band The SpinDrifters delivered another energy packed, flying fiddles, bluesy country show at the Basement in Sydney in August.
In this live clip, CMA award winner Felicity Urquhart brings her stunning vocals to the beautiful Heart to Heart. 
The Spin Drifters are - George Washingmachine, Clare OMeara, Stuie French, Felicity Urquhart, Garry Steel, Hamish Stuart, Andrew Richardson, Michel Rose and Michael Vidale. 


Ace in the Hole (live) Aug 24, 2016 

In another highlight from their August show at the Basement, guitar virtuoso Stuie French rocks Western Swing classic, Ace in the Hole


Them There Eyes (live) Aug 24, 2016 

Clare O'Meara, one of the most sought after session and live musicians in the country, delivers a deliciously sultry-husky performance in Them There Eyes.

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